The International Committee

The International Committee




Belinda Tibbetts

Belinda is an Australian bioarchaeologist with a background in biological sciences, classical history, and bioarchaeology (human osteology). She is experienced in academic education, archaeological fieldwork, and skeletal analysis. Her current research investigates the skeletal palaeopathology of very young individuals. This research focuses on the links between maternal health and foetal development, and the response of past communities to maternal care and perinatal death. Belinda is actively involved in sharing her work with the wider public in various ways including presentations, onsite tours, hands-on experiences, and education workshops.


Belinda is our liaison for academic matters.

Emily Wapshott

Emily is a British commercial archaeologist and historic buildings specialist, with six years field experience. Emily began digging in her parents' garden as a small child, volunteering on her first large-scale site at eight years old. Emily is passionate about archaeology and about sharing that passion for her discipline, with others. In her work as a field archaeologist Emily has a close relationship with the public and is involved with a number of education outreach programs. As an independent researcher, Emily is also involved in the fields of; gender archaeology, early medieval British and Scandinavian archaeology and communication, public engagement.


Emily is our liason for professional and field archaeologists.

Tine Schenck

Tine is a Norwegian experimental archaeologist and a sociologist of law. Her main research interest is the nature of archaeological practice, and the sociopolitical, ethical and methodological aspects that follow. She is currently finishing her PhD in the deconstruction of Experimental Archaeology at the University of Exeter. In addition, she is also involved with sociological study of the Norwegian archaeological labour force. Tine has experience from field archaeology as well as a variety of archaeological experimentation, and is prone to take any office in her vicinity to make herself heard. She has general experience from public outreach work and has written for popular media, but is looking forward to work with increasing her activity in this direction. To read more about Tine, you can view her profile on Academia and a blog that you can check out here.


Tine is our liaison for legal matters and museums.

Tathagata Neogi

Tathagata is an Indian ethnoarchaeologist interested in studying traditional craft communities in South Asia. His background is in history, anthropology and archaeology. In his current research, Tathagata attempts to understand the archaeology of pre-industrial iron-smelting in central India through ethnographic study of the extant iron-smelting groups in the region. Tathagata has recently founded Heritage Walk Calcutta, which is a platform for community outreach for archaeologists, historians and conservators and operates through heritage walks for the general public and capacity-building workshops in schools and other organizations.


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