The Project

The Project



We are an independent non-profit group of archaeologists who came together to enable engagement between professionals and the public.

ArchaeologistsEngage is a registered voluntary organisation in the Norwegian Brønnøysund Register.




The collaboration developed from three professionals talking about their involvement in Archaeology. This discussion evolved into a group presentation at the 2015 conference of the European Association of Archaeologists. We put forward a challenging synopsis of how archaeological information is communicated through the international movie industry. Our presentation was received with lots of interest and led to quite a passionate general discussion, not only within the conference session, but afterwards as well, as word spread amongst the delegates.


These discussions identified what we consider to be a disconnect between how archaeologists share findings from their work, and how these findings are perceived by the wider audience. Building on this we developed our project, aiming to reduce this distance between the Ivory Tower and the Outside World.


With this project we encourage archaeologists world-wide to acknowledge our professional responsibility to address the imbalance between our knowledge and the information that reaches the public.




ArchaeologistsEngage is a registered voluntary organisation in Norway. 915 964 958