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The Supporters





Exarc is network organisation consisting of almost 250 European Open Air Museums and experimental archaeologists in more than 30 countries, engaged in various aspects of public archaeology, experimental archaeology, skills, living history and interpretation, but also exchange of staff, dialogue with visitors, marketing & communication and museum management. EXARC enables cooperation and networking between its members through research projects, meetings and seminars, and the leading European journal for those involved in experimental archaeology or archaeological open-air museums, featuring the latest developments in fieldwork, academic research, museum studies and living history interpretation. To view more about EXARC, click here.



South West Archaeology Ltd


South West Archaeology Ltd is a well-established independent commercial archaeology practice, working in both the private and state sectors, based in Devon, UK. The cornerstone of the practice is a dedicated and highly professional team. The company draws on a broad depth of experience in a range of archaeological techniques, including Desk-Based Assessments, Historic Building Surveys and Archaeological Excavation. To view more about South West Archaeology Ltd, click here.

ArchaeologistsEngage is a registered voluntary organisation in Norway. 915 964 958