Finding Inspiration through Public Engagement






As part of the ArchaeologistsEngage project, we are also launching two blogs. You can find the links below. The blogs are meant to communicate archaeology to two different audiences, but the ultimate goal of both is to encourage archaeologists to engage with the public, and the public to engage with archaeologists.


The House Archaeologist is our public blog.

With this blog we wish to provide a platform to encourage the communication from archaeologists to the wider audience directly. The format of a blog makes the information accessible to anyone with an internet connection, everywhere in the world. On the House Archaeologist, you will find posts from all over the world about archaeological research results, information about interesting sites, articles on how we do archaeology, and other interesting pieces concerning what we do. The blog aims to be as current as possible, to give the audience an insight into what goes on in archaeology now. All articles on the House Archaeologist are written by archaeologists.


The Ivory Tower is our blog for archaeologists.

In this blog, we address topics that concern the dynamics between audience and professional. The blog is created to inform and inspire archaeologists on how to engage with the wider world, something we consider one of the key roles of the archaeological profession. The blog will have content from both within and outside of the profession, to provide a multifaceted view of community engagement.


Contribute to our blog

We encourage a discussion about the dynamics between archaeology and everyone. If you have an interesting viewpoint, please consider a contribution to our blogs in the form of an article. The House Archaeologist is written exclusively by archaeologists, but The Ivory Tower is open to anyone who can provide motivational insights to archaeologists and our practice. The comment fields are open to everyone, but will be moderated for offensive content.


If you want to contribute, please contact us on engage@archaeologists-engage.org with a short synopsis of your chosen topic and a sentence about who you are and where you are from. We are always grateful to hear from potential contributors, and are constantly looking for new articles on both blogs.




Reports from the Field

The following are some inspiring reports provided by professionals of their experience with public engagment activities.


Euskal Herria (public audiences for the Basque Heritage organisation, Jauzarrea)


Exeter, UK (community day at the University of Exeter)


Oslo, Norway (public Q&A with archaeologists)


ArchaeologistsEngage is a registered voluntary organisation in Norway.

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