A Heritage Walk through 1780s European Calcutta with an Archaeologist!

ArchaeologistsEngage are proud to announce that we will host our first event in Kolkata, India, the weekend of 7th and 8th of November.

The event takes the form of cultural walks in a colonial heritage landscape, and is led by archaeologists Tathagata Neogi and Chelsea McGill.


Tathagata and Chelsea are providing an opportunity for members of the public to explore the streets and hear stories of a fledgling European Calcutta between 1757 and 1807- a period when Calcutta emerged as the centre of British administration in Asia.


They will retrace the steps of Lt. Col. Markwood, who drew the first detailed map of the English East India Company's settlement in Calcutta in 1784. Several streets, buildings and other features of the landscape that Markwood's map depict still survive. The Kolkata heritage walk, enabled by SeekSherpa, explores the environment, people and events of this early period in Calcutta’s history.





Great Torrington - Round the Square, Music and Art Festival 16-18th June 2017


The Town below Your Feet: Engaging with the archaeology of Torrington

Presentation by archaeologist Emily Wapshott, 11.30am Saturday 17th June


Torrington in Five Buildings

Guided Walk around Torrington led by Emily Wapshott, 1.00pm Saturday 17th June



Heritage Walk Calcutta in collaboration with Made in Bengal and ArchaeologistsEngage hosted a GoUNESCO event. Make Heritage Fun: A Heritage Walk for Hearing-Impaired Children took place on 27th March 2017. Read about the event here.


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