How to Engage

How to Engage


We are an enabling organisation for the promotion of communication from archaeologist to audience and vice versa. As such, we have gathered a few tips that may prove valuable in your day-to-day communication with the public. However, we are looking for more communicative strategies, so please feel free to contribute your ideas at


Here are our best tips:


  • Take the visitor/public seriously. If you are approached by a layperson, look them in the eye and show patience when listening to their questions. Do not interrupt, and avoid talking down to them. The people that engage with you each have their individual, valuable interpretations to share, if you encourage them to do so. They are also more likely to return if you treat them with respect.


  • If you are communicating to someone who is not a native speaker of your language, speak slowly and clearly. This one counts when you speak to non-native speaking archaeologists, too – for instance in English.


  • Just do it! The audience will demand much less detail than your peers, and they are likely to appreciate the insights you can contribute at your current level of knowledge on the subject. An archaeologist can always give something else than a reporter, such as an understanding of how we go about our practice to find information.




Various experts and organisations are involved in archaeological public engagement. We have collected some of them below for more information and inspiration.

  • The EXARC Journal provides free excerpts of their articles online and is a useful source of inspiration for the Open Air Museum, Bushcraft and experimental archaeology world. Take a look at it here:





Archaeologist Grethe Moéll Pedersen instructing members of the public in an archaeological research experiment.

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