Ideas and Suggestions

Ideas and Suggestions for Engaging with the Public


On this page, we have assembled a few suggestions that you can use as inspiration for your coming engagement with the public. We are constantly looking for more ideas, and we are eager to hear what people have done with success. If you want to tell us your story or share an idea for engagement, please contact us at so that we can put it up on this site.


We are especially eager to hear back from people who have taken steps to engage with the public as a result of our campaign, so please do let us know!




  • Write an article for a popular science/history/archaeology magazine


  • Guide an organised group on an active archaeological site


  • Give a talk for an open public event


  • Organise a demonstration of an historic craft


  • Volunteer for a day at your local museum, or heritage centre/site


  • Give a talk in a school or to a local educational/youth group


  • Create a social media account and share images or information, about your work


  • Create an online blog where you can share your work


  • Involve the local community in your archaeological site/project, by accepting local volunteers if legally/safely possible


  • Write an article for your local newspaper/publication



How to Engage

Click here for our tips and examples of public engagement in archaeology.

The Sea Stallion of Glendalough – an archaeological experiment leaving Dublin, Ireland, to sail to Roskilde in Denmark.

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