ArchaeologistsEngage developed from a small research collaboration that formed in Exeter, UK. The founders of ArchaeologistsEngage are three archaeologists from Australia, UK, and Norway, who are specialists in different fields of archaeology. Our organisation is supported by EXARC and South West Archaeology Ltd.

To contact us, find our contact form here or email us at engage@archaeologists-engage.org. You can also follow us on Instagram, facebook or twitter.

The Project

We are an independent non-profit group of archaeologists who came together to enable engagement between professionals and the public.

ArchaeologistsEngage is a registered voluntary organisation in the Norwegian Brønnøysund Register.

The collaboration developed from three professionals talking about their involvement in Archaeology. This discussion evolved into a group presentation at the 2015 conference of the European Association of Archaeologists. We put forward a challenging synopsis of how archaeological information is communicated through the international movie industry. Our presentation was received with lots of interest and led to quite a passionate general discussion, not only within the conference session, but afterwards as well, as word spread amongst the delegates.

These discussions identified what we consider to be a disconnect between how archaeologists share findings from their work, and how these findings are perceived by  the wider audience. Building on this we developed our project, aiming to reduce this distance between the 'Ivory Tower' and the 'Outside World'.

With this project we encourage archaeologists and heritage professionals to acknowledge our professional responsibility to address the imbalance between our knowledge and the information that reaches the public. 

The International Committee

Belinda Tibbetts                                                                .belinda@archaeologists-engage.org

Founding Member

Belinda is an Australian osteoarchaeologist with a background in biological sciences, classical history, and bioarchaeology (human osteology). She is experienced in academic education, archaeological fieldwork, and skeletal analysis. Her doctoral research investigated the skeletal palaeopathology of very young individuals and focused on the links between maternal health and fetal development, and the response of past communities to maternal care and perinatal death. Belinda is actively involved in sharing her work with the wider public in various ways including presentations, onsite tours, hands-on experiences, and education workshops.

Belinda is our liaison for academic matters.

Emily Wapshott                                                                    .emily@archaeologists-engage.org  

Founding Member

Emily  is   a British commercial archaeologist and historic buildings specialist, with over a decade of field experience. Emily began digging in her parents' garden as a small child, volunteering on her first large-scale site at eight years old. Emily is passionate about archaeology and about sharing that passion for her discipline with others. In her work as a field archaeologist Emily has a close relationship with the public and is involved with a number of education outreach programs. As an independent researcher, Emily is also involved in the fields of gender archaeology, early medieval British and Scandinavian archaeology and communication, and public engagement. 

Emily is our liaison for professional and field archaeologists.

Tine Schenck                                                                           .tine@archaeologists-engage.org

Founding Member - retired

Tine is a Norwegian experimental archaeologist and a sociologist of law. Her main research interest is the nature of archaeological practice, and the sociopolitical, ethical and methodological aspects that follow. Tine's doctorate investigated the deconstruction of Experimental Archaeology at the University of Exeter. In addition, she has also been involved with sociological study of the Norwegian archaeological labour force. Tine has experience from field archaeology as well as a variety of archaeological experimentation. She has general experience from public outreach work and has written for popular media.

Tathagata Neogi                                                                  .neogi@archaeologists-engage.org

Tathagata is an Indian ethnoarchaeologist interested in traditional craft communities in South Asia. His background is in history, anthropology and archaeology. In his doctoral research, Tathagata investigated the archaeology of pre-industrial iron-smelting in central India through ethnographic study of the extant iron-smelting groups in the region. Tathagata has recently founded Heritage Walk Calcutta, which is a platform for community outreach for archaeologists, historians and conservators and operates through heritage walks for the general public and capacity-building workshops in schools and other organizations.

Linn Marie Krogsrud                                                                          linnmarie@archaeologists-engage.org

Linn Marie is a Norwegian archaeologist with a degree in project management. She did her MA research on material culture and cultural identity in the Viking age. She is currently working as a heritage advisor for Buskerud county municipality, where she works with built heritage and increasing the knowledge of traditional building methods and materials among house owners and craftspeople. She is also a volunteer for The National Trust of Norway, providing guided tours and activism to protect historic buildings.

Donal Lucey                                                                           donal@archaeologists-engage.org

Donal is an Irish archaeologist with a background in commercial fieldwork in the UK and Ireland. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA). His particular areas of interest are the transition from the Late Roman Empire to the Early Medieval period in Britain and the development of early Christianity in North-West Europe. He is currently a Principal Heritage Consultant at Arcadis and provides cultural heritage expertise to a wide range of major development projects including road schemes and new towns. He volunteers with the Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society and is Excavation Co-Director for Project Nivica Archaeology in Albania. Donal is passionate about promoting public engagement with archaeology and increasing the accessibility and diversity of archaeology as a profession.

The Supporters


Exarc is network organisation consisting of almost 250 European Open Air Museums and experimental archaeologists in more than 30 countries, engaged in various aspects of public archaeology, experimental archaeology, skills, living history and interpretation, but also exchange of staff, dialogue with visitors, marketing & communication and museum management. EXARC enables cooperation and networking between its members through research projects, meetings and seminars, and the leading European journal for those involved in experimental archaeology or archaeological open-air museums, featuring the latest developments in fieldwork, academic research, museum studies and living history interpretation. To view more about EXARC, click here.

South West Archaeology Ltd

South West Archaeology Ltd is a well-established independent commercial archaeology practice, working in both the private and state sectors, based in Devon, UK. The cornerstone of the practice is a dedicated and highly professional team. The company draws on a broad depth of experience in a range of archaeological techniques, including Desk-Based Assessments, Historic Building Surveys and Archaeological Excavation. To view more about South West Archaeology Ltd, click here.


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