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The ArchaeologistsEngage project publishes two blogs; The House Archaeologist and The Ivory Tower. These blogs promote the direct communication of  archaeological and heritage activities and research amongst those involved in these field as to the general public.


The House Archaeologist is our public blog.

It provides a platform to support the communication from archaeologists to the wider audience directly. The format of a blog makes the information accessible to anyone with an internet connection. On the House Archaeologist, you will find posts from all over the world about archaeological research results, information about interesting sites, articles on aspects of archaeology and heritage, as well as the experiences of professionals working in these sectors. The  blog aims to be as current as possible, to give the audience an insight into what goes on in archaeology  now. All articles on the House Archaeologist are written by archaeologists or heritage professionals.


The Ivory Tower is our blog for archaeologists.

This blog addresses topics that concern the dynamics between audience and professional.  It was created to inform on and inspire archaeologists to undertake public engagement in their professional capacity. The Ivory Tower blog includes content from both within and outside of the profession, to provide a multifaceted view of community engagement.


Contribute to our blog

We encourage a discussion about the dynamics between archaeology and everyone. Please consider contributing to our blogs if you would like to share your experience as a professional or a member of the general public. The House Archaeologist is written exclusively by archaeologists, but The Ivory Tower is open to anyone who can provide motivational insights to archaeologists and our practice. The comment fields are open to everyone, but are moderated prior to publishing.


Contact us at engage@archaeologists-engage.org with a short synopsis of what you would like to contribute and a sentence about who you are and where you are from.






























A Heritage Walk through 1780s European Calcutta with an Archaeologist!

ArchaeologistsEngage proudly hosted our first event in Kolkata, India, on the weekend of 7th and 8th of November, 2015..

The event took the form of cultural walks in a colonial heritage landscape, and was led by archaeologists Tathagata Neogi and Chelsea McGill.


Tathagata and Chelsea provided an opportunity for members of the public to explore the streets and hear stories of a fledgling European Calcutta between 1757 and 1807- a period when Calcutta emerged as the centre of British administration in Asia.


They retraced the steps of Lt. Col. Markwood, who drew the first detailed map of the English East India Company's settlement in Calcutta in 1784. Several streets, buildings and other features of the landscape that Markwood's map depict still survive. The Kolkata heritage walk, enabled by SeekSherpa, explored the environment, people and events of this early period in Calcutta’s history.









Great Torrington - Round the Square, Music and Art Festival 16-18th June 2017

Emily Wapshott gave a public presentation entitled 'The Town below Your Feet: Engaging with the archaeology of Torrington' on the morning of  17th June, followed by a guided walk around Torrington (Torrington in Five Buildings) to explore the built heritage of this  north Devon town.



Heritage Walk Calcutta in collaboration with Made in Bengal and ArchaeologistsEngage hosted a GoUNESCO event. Make Heritage Fun: A Heritage Walk for Hearing-Impaired Children took place on 27th March 2017. Read about the event here.

The Sea Stallion of Glendalough – an archaeological experiment leaving Dublin, Ireland, to sail to Roskilde in Denmark.

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